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The community is a space for you to connect, share and collaborate with other Pirates — somewhere to learn, go deep on your craft and push your creativity.

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By artists for artists

We've designed a forum for you to connect and collaborate with others. However, like music, our community is a continual WIP. Our eventual goal is to create an extension of the studio experience, for members around the globe.

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Designed for collaboration

Our custom artist profiles allow you to upload any works in progress (WIP), link to your SoundCloud tracks, share your collaboration status, and highlight your skills for the world. This makes it easy for everyone to hear samples of your work and find out more about you as a creator.

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Start a conversation

Share your vision, your WIP, and your creative needs in our Collaboration category and take a new path. We’ve made it easy for everyone, Pirates and industry folk alike, to get the information they need to potentially reach out to you. 

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Be the first to know

The community is currently in closed beta, we’ll be opening it up to more Pirates in the coming months. Want to secure a spot on the waitlist? Drop your name and email address below. In the meantime, we’ll also sign you up to our weekly newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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