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It's super sick to have spots like that to work and it's super cheap.5
"It's super sick to have spots like that to work and it's super cheap."

What makes Pirate Studios different?

  • Equipped with the latest kit from KRK, Yamaha, SE Electronics & more
  • Open 24/7 - easily self-book our studios online
  • Join a global community of musicians
  • Regular events, competitions, festival stages, live streams & more

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How it works

  • Find your preferred date & time on our booking calendar
  • Pay for the room online
  • Turn up and use your self-booked code to access the studios
  • Produce, write and record to your heart's content!

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Expert sound isolation and acoustic treatment

Acoustic panelling is designed and built in-house at our UK workshop and is tailored to each site. We've created a transparent listening environment for you to capture performances and produce mixes you can trust.

Free professional equipment

Our studios are equipped with the latest Focusrite, SE Electronics, Novation and KRK equipment for all your recording needs.

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