Our biggest ever refer-a-friend boost is here. Get free studio credit for you and a friend till 21 June 2021. Keep referring for potentially unlimited earnings.

This competition has now ended


Free studio time

Refer-a-friend between now and June 21 2021 and you'll both get £20/€20/$40 credit depending on your location. Sign up another friend and you'll get the same again, with no limit to your potential earnings.

  • Multipurpose rehearsal, DJ, recording, podcast, and dance studios.
  • Self-service 24hr access — your way, all day.
  • First-class customer support.
  • Join our Community and boost your skills with competitions, gig opportunities, and more.
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  1. Copy your unique referral code from your account dashboard
  2. Share your code with as many friends as you like (note: it's case sensitive)
  3. When they sign up, ensure they enter your code on the form
  4. You'll receive your credit once your friend makes a booking

* You can find this in the grey box on the right-hand side of your My Bookings page.

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The small(ish) print

  • £20/€20/$40 refer-a-friend offer ends 21 June 2021 23:59 BST.
  • There is no limit to the number of successful referrals per customer.
  • Your friend will need to make a booking before you receive your credit.
  • Referral codes are case-sensitive. Please ensure your friend enters your code correctly before sign-up.
  • Credit expires after three months, is non-transferrable, and cannot be redeemed for any cash value.
  • Pirate.com members can only refer people outside of their direct family. Any direct family members who are referred may not be awarded credit.
  • A referral code can only be used during sign up, it cannot be used for existing accounts.
  • Referral codes may not be posted on public forums or voucher code websites.

Get your code and start referring now.

Click here to view the full Refer-a-friend Terms and Conditions