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What makes Pirate Studios different?

  • Receive a free mixed and mastered live recording with every booking
  • Every room comes with professional equipment from Fender, Marshall, Mapex and Ashdown
  • Easily book online upfront in advance of your session
  • The studios are self-booked meaning they’re open 24/7, so use them any time of day

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How it works

  • Find your preferred date & time on our online booking calendar
  • Pay for the room online, enable OpenLIVE
  • Turn up and use your self-booked codes to access the studios
  • Make some music and get your free recording

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Free live recordings with every booking

Introducing America's first OpenLIVE enabled rehearsal studios. Get your session recorded, mixed and mastered automatically through OpenLIVE's intuitive, automatic platform.

No more recording demos on your phone. No more getting ripped off for studio recording time. Share high quality recordings of your tracks with promoters, bookers and labels using OpenLIVE's intuitive technology.

Free professional equipment

Top quality equipment from Fender, Marshall, Mapex and Ashdown provided in every room for free, as standard (drums, amps, mics and PAs). Need anything else? We provide drum skins, cymbals, cables, amps, keyboard mics, mixing desk, leads and more for free, just give us a call on 1-844-274-7283.

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