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Record mixes and capture audio snapshots. Download and forward your material to promoters, labels, management and key decision-makers.

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Boost your social media presence

Upload your mixes and boost your social engagement. Capture new fans and keep your fanbase buzzing with a constant stream of new content.

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Stream to millions, or just your mates

Live stream to the world on Facebook Live in high quality video and audio, or privately cast video and download later to work on your all important stage presence.

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Unlimited cloud storage with 24 / 7 access

We store and back up all of your recordings so you never have to worry about losing that magic mix. Download and listen back to them anytime, anywhere.

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How does it work?

  1. Join Pirate Live
  2. Book a session at your nearest Pirate Studios.
  3. Access the Go Live app from the in-room tablet and start streaming or recording in seconds.

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Tap into a global audience

Record high quality audio and video of your sets and take your talent out of your bedroom and on the the global stage.

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