The community is a space for you to connect, share and collaborate with other Pirates — somewhere to learn, go deep on your craft and push your creativity.

An Artist-Only Space

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We’ve designed a private, artist-only space for producers, vocalists, MCs, DJs and musicians to share their works in progress (WIP) with other creatives away from fans and spectators. Whether you’re struggling to finish a track or need some advice on a final mix, our expert site techs, staff, and other members of Community will help you get release-ready in The Feedback Room. 

Designed For Collaboration

Community producers using a Pirate recording studio

Our custom artist profiles allow you to upload any WIP, link to your SoundCloud tracks, share your collaboration status, and highlight your skills for the world. This makes it easy for everyone to hear samples of your work, find out more about you as a creator, and offer up their skills to help you complete your project.

A Safe Space To Share Work

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Community is guided by five principles to ensure it remains a safe and welcoming space for artists to share their raw and unfiltered work: 

  1. Use welcoming and inclusive language 
  2. Be respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences 
  3. Gracefully accept feedback 
  4. Focus on what is best for the community 
  5. Show empathy towards other members

Sign Up Now

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To get access to the community, simply tap the link below and enter your details. We look forward to welcoming you!