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Discover our self-serve audio recording studios across the UK, Europe, and the US. Bookable by the hour in advance online and available 24/7 for voice over services, audio production, and much more.


Inside your voice over studios

Pirate Studios podcast studio. Podcast production with high audio quality capture. Book today and start a podcast.

The process of creation is different for everyone. The need to have a quiet, productive space for live sound away from a living space or home studio is universal. Enjoy self-serve access, professional equipment, and a customized service from our dedicated support team. Round-the-clock opening hours help you to get creative around your daily routine.

Pop in for an hour or settle in for a day session. Record, edit and mix perfect voice audio in our voice recording studios. The space is yours for all of your voice over needs.

How To

How to book a voice over studio

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Our live booking calendar shows the latest availability of voice over and podcast studios. You can book anywhere from a year in advance right up until a few minutes beforehand. Some studios are popular, so we recommend securing your slot in advance. Tap the links below to get started.

TIP: Book enough time to set-up and get comfortable with the gear. Make sure to pack-down and pack-up anything you’ve brought along.

Sneak Preview

Voice over studio equipment list

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Here’s a selection of the equipment available inside the studios (items may vary depending on where you are based):

Please note: studio monitors are not included.

Key voice over studio features

Looking for a voice over studio in your area? Here’s a few reasons why ours will help you complete your next project:

  • A professional recording space optimized for noise reduction to help you capture vocals and produce clear audio samples
  • Self-serve means that you have the freedom to come and go as you please and at any time of day
  • Regularly cleaned and anti-bacterial kit available in all studios
  • Great for solo voice actors, group voice talent, post-production, and more
  • High-quality equipment for clear capture of narration, overlays, idents, etc

Capture your next project in our multi-purpose voice over studios

Why Pirate?

Join the Pirate Community

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PIRATE.COM is the world’s largest creative studio and artist community network. Choose from over 50 locations across the UK, DE, US, and IE.

Our voice over studios are a great environment to create, write and produce high-quality vocals and sound. All voice sound studios feature professional equipment including condenser microphones, audio interfaces, mic stands and more for easy audio engineering and music production. We welcome anyone who wants to get creative in a secure environment, regardless of your ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or social status.

Complete Guide

How To Start A Podcast

Close up snap of a microphone on top of a laptop. Recording a podcast in LA? Book a podcast studio here.

Creating a voice over or podcast may seem complicated at first, but it’s surprisingly easy once you know how to start, what information you need, and the equipment required. Don't worry, podcasts are as easy to create as they are to listen to; you don’t need a huge amount of money, technical knowledge, or a degree program to get your show up and running.

Whether you’re a budding podcaster looking to get your voice out there, or you want to create a podcast for your business, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to starting a podcast.

Voice Over

Studio Highlights

Take a closer look at the professional voice equipment available in our voice recording studios.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to common questions about our voice over stuidos. Something else on your mind? Visit our support hub or reach out via Live Chat. 

What if something breaks or I need a spare?

Spare equipment is available at every Pirate location, including instruments, cables, microphones, stands and other hardware.

If you need replacement equipment or something is missing, contact us on Live Chat via the website or
WhatsApp for assistance. We will direct you to our spares cupboard quickly so that you can get on with your session.

How do I book a session?

Our live booking calendar shows the latest availability of studios. You can book anywhere from a year in advance right up until a few minutes beforehand. Some studios are popular, so we recommend securing your slot in advance.

TIP: Book enough time to set-up and get comfortable with the gear, and set-up/pack-down anything you’ve brought along. 

How do I book OpenLIVE?

Where recording is available, you will see the OpenLIVE logo on the studio image on the booking calendar. When you select Book room, you will be prompted to add OpenLIVE to the session. Once you click Yes, OpenLIVE will be added to the session.

Once you exit the payment process, you’ll receive emails confirming your scheduled recording from OpenLIVE. If you don’t receive your confirmation, please drop us a note via live chat or email and we'll check for you.

What type of podcasting equipment do you have?

We offer high-quality equipment in all our studios. Whether you’re recording a personal piece or a business podcast, you’re assured of quality:

  • RØDECaster Pro Integrated Podcast Unit
  • 4 x Rode Procaster Mic
  • 4 x KRK 6400 Studio Headphones

When are the podcast studios open?

The studios are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are available for hourly and day-long bookings. Podcast whenever you like using our online booking system. Come and go as you please.

What do I need to bring to my session?

  • A laptop to record onto OR a microSD card to record onto (essential)
  • A USB-C cable —  if you’re recording to a laptop, you’ll need one to connect to the equipment (optional)
  • Adapter — if your laptop doesn't have a USB-C port, bring an adaptor too (optional)

If you're using an SDcard to record your podcast, 32GB is a good size.

Find your nearest voice over studio

Pirate.com not available in your region? New locations are opening across the globe in 2022. Keep an eye out on our Twitter for updates.