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Revolutionary new 24/7 rehearsal studios

  • Drums, Amps, Mics and PAs FREE with every room
  • Mixed & mastered live recordings
  • Free parking
  • Air conditioning & customisable lighting


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The world's largest network of DJ studios

  • Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2, DJM-900NXS2 mixer & XPRS 12 speakers
  • Custom-built, sound-treated rooms
  • 100mps, high-speed WiFi access

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Audiophile production and recording studios

  • Installed with the latest kit from KRK, Yamaha, SE Electronics & more
  • Record using state-of-the-art vocal booths
  • Sound-proofed rooms & discounts for extended sessions

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Purpose-built podcast studios

  • Rodecaster Pro unit & 4-mic setup as standard
  • Soundproofed acoustics and customisable lighting
  • Comfortable booth seating for up to 6