Artist Development

Events & Workshops

Workshop hosted @ Pirate Ridgewood, New York

Educators and industry experts will lead a new programme of free workshops at Pirate locations and online.

In addition to our usual Open Sessions music and networking nights, we will be offering insights from some of the industry’s brightest minds, including Katty Lange’s Music Business Series, Amber McKinney’s A&R Sessions and a special talk by Earth Agency. New technical workshops will be presented by Crossfader, Music Production For Women and Empire State Music and Arts Festival.

Artist Opportunties

Gigs & Radio

Podcast and Radio opportunity @ Pirate Studios

Perform at Pirate events, gigs and festivals globally, or apply to have your music played on our partner radio stations.

We collaborate with music festivals, venues and radio stations across the UK, US and Germany, providing more artists with the chance to showcase their music. Gig opportunities are introduced sporadically throughout the year as events are scheduled. Previously, artists have successfully applied to play at the likes of AVA Club in Berlin and Printworks in London.


AUX Events

Woman recording tracks at Pirate Studios

Host: AUX
Dates: First Wednesday of every month
Location: Pirate Dalston, Pirate Gowanus, Pirate Birmingham
Best for: All artists

AUX is our new monthly event in London and New York. Artists are invited to take the aux for 5 minutes and present their music to an audience, followed by feedback and a Q&A with our industry experts.

Music Lessons

One-On-One Lessons

Student learning to write, record and produce music

Need lessons? Our music teachers are available at your local Pirate or online. Start shredding with guitar lessons, crack Ableton with a tailored music production course or master the art of beatmatching in private DJ lessons.

If you’re an expert already, register to become a music teacher and start earning.