Our Best Studios For Music Production in New York

Take something away from your session. Lay down a hip-hop beat, record original lyrics, make an EDM remix — turn your latest idea into a demo at our recording studios in Brooklyn and Queens. 

What's next? Workshop your new track at the next AUX, our monthly group feedback session in Gowanus, or submit it for radio play on our partner stations. Polish and release your tune, or move on to the next one.

Recording Studio Types


1-2 people

Best For:
Solo and duo music production

Audio Interface:
Arturia Minifuse1

Beyerdynamic DT770

SE Electronics SE2300

Monitor Speakers:
2x Yamaha HS8

Midi Keyboard:
Arturia Minilab MkII

*Some studios have different but equivalent equipment


4 people

Best For:
Recording vocals and group work

Audio Interface:
Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB

2x Pioneer XPRS 10

Audio Techinica AT2020 or SE Electronics SE2300

Monitor Speakers:
Yamaha HS8 or KRK V6S4

Midi Keyboard:
Novation Impulse 61

*Some studios have different but equivalent equipment


What You Get

Why Make Pirate Your New York Music Studio

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All Genres, All Levels

The NYC Artists Using Pirate Recording Studios


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What is the price for a recording studio in New York?

A recording studio space at Pirate costs $18.40 per hour for Lite and $23.10 per hour for Pro, with discounts available for longer bookings. We strive to offer affordable rates, allowing musicians of all levels to access quality studios that fit their budget.

What is the difference between Lite and Pro recording studios?

Pirate provides two types of recording studios.

The Lite recording studio is designed for solo and duo music production sessions, providing a suitable space for smaller projects.

On the other hand, the Pro recording studio offers a larger area, ideal for bigger groups and comes equipped with a dedicated vocal booth. The Pro studio also features more advanced equipment and offers additional seating, making it an excellent choice for advanced artists, groups or anyone seeking a studio for vocal recording. However, the Lite studio is a more cost-effective option for those with smaller-scale projects.

How many recording studios does Pirate have in New York?

Pirate operates a total of 32 recording studios spread across 3 neighborhoods in New York. We have 11 recording studios in Bushwick, 11 in Gowanus and 10 in Ridgewood, Queens.

Which is the best studio for voice recording?

For voice recording, the Pro recording studio is your best option at Pirate. Our Pro studios are equipped with dedicated vocal booths, providing the ideal setting for anyone searching for an audio recording studio to capture clean vocals.

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