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Welcome to Pirate, the creative studio network striving to make studio time affordable and accessible to all. Here you will find everything you need to know before making a booking and during your session, including contact details, studio information, and FAQs.

Your visit

We're working to improve access and inclusion here at Pirate. If you would like some extra support or you have a disability, physical or mental health condition that might affect the way you interact with Pirate, let us know. Likewise, if you need more information, please contact us:

Getting there

  • We offer parking at most locations, free of charge. Four locations require you to register your vehicle details on the day of your session:
    • Birmingham
    • Leeds
    • London Notting Hill
  • Taxi and drop off points at all locations
  • Information on public transport and nearest stops on each location page (see the navigation bar at the top of the screen)

Visit the locations section of our support hub for further details on your nearest Pirate site.


Additional information

  • You are welcome to bring an assistant or carer should you need support.
  • All Pirate locations provide accessible toilets as standard.
  • We welcome customers who need to bring medicine, food or drink or medical equipment to manage a condition.
  • Emergency procedures: Our 24hr contact details are given inside all studios and communal areas, with fire exits clearly marked in case of an emergency.
  • Guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs are welcome in the studios. If you're in the UK you may need to provide proof that your dog is registered with an organisation that is a member of Assistance Dogs UK. At our US studios, no evidence is required.

ADA-compliant DJ booths

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Three of our US DJ studios have been specifically designed for accessible use.

Book now and enjoy first-class DJ practice equipment with additional features, including:

  • Wide access to the DJ desk
  • 15-degree angled equipment
  • Flat surfaces on either side
  • Knee clearance for comfortable chair positioning
  • Power sockets at front of desk

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the frequently asked questions for accessibility at our studios. If something hasn't been covered, visit our support hub or pop onto live chat using the speech bubble in the corner of your device - we're here to help.

How do I book a session?

Our live booking calendar shows the latest availability of studios. You can book anywhere from a year in advance right up until a few minutes beforehand. Some studios are popular, so we recommend securing your slot in advance.

TIP: Book enough time to set-up and get comfortable with the gear, and set-up/pack-down anything you’ve brought along. 

Do you have parking designated for accessible use?

All of our sites have free car parks next to the studios OR on-street parking available with designated accessible signage.


The following studios have restrictions in place. Parking is free but you will need to register your vehicle on the day of your booking (otherwise you may be liable for a fine).

  • Birmingham
  • Leicester
  • Leeds
  • Notting Hill, London

Register your vehicle here.

Please visit the Locations page in the knowledge hub for accessibility information specific to your nearest Pirate site.

Are the studios suitable for accessible use?

All studio doors have been designed with accessibility in mind. See below for a brief rundown of each studio type with caveats included:

  • Rehearsal: flat flooring in all studios
  • DJ & Pro DJ: raised platform surrounding the DJ booth roughly 1 ft high except ADA-compliant studios at West Adams (studio 24), Silver Lake (studio 28), and Bushwick (studio 22)
  • Recording: flat flooring in workdesk area, limited access to microphone booth area
  • Podcast: podcast recording desk not accessible but the studio is large enough for WC use
  • Dance: flat flooring in all studios

Please visit the Locations page in the knowledge hub for accessibility information specific to your nearest Pirate site.

Are the studio entrances accessible?

Yes. The main entrance for most locations is accessible, and all provide an alternative entrance for accessibility if the main entrance is not suitable. Locations with multiple levels provide a lift or ramp for accessible use. Similarly, all studio doors are accessible across all locations.

Please visit the Locations page in the knowledge hub for accessibility information specific to your nearest Pirate site.

Do the studios have designated accessible toilets?

Yes. Please visit the Locations page in the knowledge hub for accessibility information specific to your nearest Pirate site.

What kind of seating is provided in the studios?

  • Rehearsal: No seating provided, except Rehearsal Pro rooms which have a sofa
  • DJ: 1x tall stool
  • Recording: 1x or 2x ergonomic desk chairs, some have sofas too
  • Podcast: 4x ergonomic desk chairs
  • Dance: Bench seating provided

We also have extra seating in the spares cupboard at each location, and you are more than welcome to bring a folding stool. 

Is the lighting adjustable in your studios?

Yes. All studios provided customisble mood lighting panels, which also has a pure white setting to aid any customer with a visual impairment.

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LA Silver Lake

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New York Bushwick

110 Scott Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

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LA West Adams

4713 West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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