Capture a studio quality, mixed and mastered recording of your session with OpenLIVE technology. Available at no extra cost to your booking.

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Record Your Session at No Extra Cost

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OpenLIVE’s innovative recording technology is here. The automated system takes a snapshot of your session and applies its intuitive magic to mix and master it, before sending the finished version into the cloud for you to download.

How To Use OpenLIVE

Look for the OpenLIVE logo when booking a session. Once clicking a compatible room, you’ll be asked whether you wish to proceed with OpenLIVE enabled. Click ‘yes’.

After your session, you’ll be sent a link to the online editing app - allowing you to chop and choose your best bits.

Studio-quality recordings - Available 24/7 - Free with select rooms - Cloud storage

Your Recording, You Decide

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It’s up to you what happens next. Share your professional, studio-quality recording with friends and family via social media, or reach out to labels and promoters to take your act to the next level.

Available in select locations and rooms. Look for the OpenLIVE logo when booking.