We’re looking for passionate artists from the Pirate community to become Pirate Ambassadors and help us build communities in and outside of our studios. In return, you’ll receive  a monthly credit allowance, exclusive Pirate merch, promotion and more.

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Rewards include:

  • Up to £200 studio credit each month
  • Exclusive Pirate merch
  • Promotion on Pirate’s social channels & website
  • Gig & events tickets
  • Opportunities to perform at events

  • Access to our community of artists
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Responsibilities include:

  • Bring artists into the studios for socials and meetups
    • Promote Pirate events & opportunities
    • Assist at in-person studio events
    • Be an active member of our Telegram channel

    If you love community and you’re ready to start promoting Pirate’s events and opportunities, helping out at the studios and managing our online community, apply to become a Pirate Ambassador now.

    Become a Pirate Ambassador

    Band practice inside a typical Pirate rehearsal studio. Book a rehearsal room online by the hour today.

    What is Pirate?

    A worldwide network of DJ, production, rehearsal, podcast and dance studios, giving you round the clock access to create. Because we’re open 24/7, we've made the experience entirely self-service using our unique entry code system — but if you ever need a hand, we're here. The fastest way to get support is via Live Chat.

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    Other Artist Opportunities

    As well as space to create in our global network of DJ studios, rehearsal studios, recording studios, dance studios and podcast studios, joining the Pirate community means getting help to take your creative practice to the next level. 

    Our A&R team works with industry partners to release new grants, mentorship programs and gig slots each month for Pirate users. See the current range on our artist opportunities page.