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Get Club-Ready in 27 Lessons

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Learn to DJ on the same professional equipment you’ll eventually use at club gigs. You don’t need anything to get started. Your tutor will provide you with a pack of over 200 DJ-ready tracks and show you step-by-step how to start DJing from scratch. Over 27 lessons, which you can take at your own pace, you’ll learn how to improve your DJ mixes with built-in practice techniques. 

You’ll train on the industry-standard setup: Pioneer CDJs and a DJM mixer, which you can use at your local DJ studios, and the industry’s favourite DJ software, Rekordbox, which you can download online.

Why Study with Crossfader?

Join Thousands of DJs Learning with Crossfader

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Founded by Jamie Hartley, who will teach this course himself, Crossfader is a UK-based online DJ school and community run by professional DJs to support the DJs of tomorrow. As one of the most trusted voices in DJ education, their gear reviews, DJ tips and tricks, and weekly mixes have made their YouTube channel one of the best resources for new and established DJs worldwide.

Join a massive electronic music community when you learn how to DJ with Crossfader. Unlock new tips, tricks, and advice at every stage of your career, and remember, the learning never stops, even when you’re playing the biggest stages.

What You Get

Included in Your DJ Course

Crossfader X Pirate DJ Course

Course Summary

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Number of lessons: 27 DJ-focused lessons and 34 Videos

Tutor: Jamie Hartley

Duration: 6hrs 34mins of video content at your own pace

Price: £40 / €47 / $50

Discount: 25% off with PIRATE25

Crossfader X Pirate DJ Course

Lesson Plan

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1. Welcome To The Course - An overview of what to expect and how to navigate the course.

2. Free Music & Tools For The Course (+ Streaming vs Owning) - Where to find free music and tools, plus the pros and cons of streaming vs owning music.

3. USB Drives: Buying & Formatting The RIGHT Way! - Guide on selecting and preparing USB drives for DJ use.

4. Rekordbox: Importing & Exporting - Step-by-step on importing and exporting tracks in Rekordbox.

5. Rekordbox: Relocating Missing Files - How to locate and reconnect missing files in Rekordbox.

6. Moving Music From Any DJ Software To Rekordbox - Transferring your music library from other DJ software to Rekordbox.

7. Rekordbox: Hot Cues, Looping, Grid Editing & More - Advanced features in Rekordbox to enhance your DJing.

8. How To Set Up CDJs and a DJM Mixer - Setting up your CDJ players and DJM mixer correctly.

9. Using A Laptop With CDJs - Integrating your laptop with CDJs for a seamless performance.

10. CDJ Walkthrough - Browse Section - Navigating the browse section on CDJ players.

11. CDJ Walkthrough - Performance Controls - Understanding and using performance controls on CDJ players.

12. DJM Walkthrough - Channels, Inputs & Outputs - Detailed guide on DJM mixer channels, inputs, and outputs.

13. Level Controls - Gain Structure And Channel Faders - Managing gain structure and using channel faders effectively.

14. DJM Walkthrough - Headphone Cueing - Techniques for using headphone cueing on a DJM mixer.

15. Timing Exercises - Practical exercises to improve your timing and rhythm.

16. How to Practice Beat Matching on CDJs - Essential tips and exercises for mastering beat matching on CDJs.

17. Music Theory & Song Structure - Basic music theory and understanding song structures.

18. How To Mix Using Faders and EQs - Techniques for mixing tracks using faders and EQs.

19. Mixing With Different Genres - Strategies for mixing tracks from various genres.

20. Using Filters In The Mix - How to incorporate filters into your mixes for better transitions.

21. Preparing For Your Practice Sessions - Tips on preparing and planning your practice sessions.

22. Creating Your First DJ Mix - Step-by-step guide to creating your first DJ mix.

23. Introduction to Performance Features - Effects - Exploring different effects available on DJ gear.

24. Introduction to Performance Features - Looping - How to use looping features during a performance.

25. Introduction to Performance Features - Hot Cues - Utilizing hot cues to enhance your DJ sets.

26. Final Word - Closing remarks and additional advice.

27. Bonus Content - Extra resources and content to further your DJ skills.

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