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About The Series

Pirate Artists attending a workshop at Pirate Studios

Get to grips with the essential legal know-how for artists through Nick Eziefula's event series. As an industry expert with experience at one of the leading firms in the field, Nick will guide you through the intricacies of record deals, distribution deals and music publishing. Whether you're at the beginning of a music career or already established, these sessions promise to equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate music law more confidently, especially as you prepare to release music.

About Your Host

Nick Eziefula

Nice Eziefula - Music Law

Nick Eziefula, a lawyer and partner at Simkins LLP, specialises in commercial law and intellectual property within the media and entertainment sectors, while also benefiting from a background in the tech industry. Having been a former recording artist himself, he excels at educating artists about law from a directly relevant viewpoint. His expertise also extends to brands, agencies and their strategic utilisation of music rights. Participants can expect to enhance their grasp of integrating legal aspects into their daily activities as artists through Nick’s tailor-made free online workshops.

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