Attend Pirate's VR Nightclub This Friday With Addison Groove

Itching to get back to the club? This is your chance

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be joined by Addison Groove for a special launch event at Pirate’s brand new virtual club space.

From inside our virtual club, you'll be able to listen and watch Addison Groove's live DJ set. You'll also be able to interact with other attendees - just as you would in a regular club.

The event will take place this Friday, the 12th of March from 8:30pm GMT via the Sansar app.

How To Enter The Virtual Club

To attend, all you need to do is download and open the Sansar app - it's free and accessible on your computer or VR headset.

Once you've opened the app, you can navigate to the Addison Groove “Barrelworld” event page in the codex.

Alternatively, once you've downloaded the Sansar app, you can simply launch the event by clicking this link.

If you don’t have a PC or VR headset...

Don't worry. Addison Groove will also be streaming all the action to his Twitch channel, where you can enjoy the show on mobile, tablet or laptop via the Twitch app.

Follow Addison Groove on Twitch here.

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