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Dance studios

Passionate about dance and performing arts? Here's everything you need to know to make a move at Pirate's brand new dance studios
Dance studios from Pirate Studios open 24/7. Dance studio hire at affordable hourly and day rates — book today.

Inside your dance studios

These brand-new studios have been designed to cater to the diverse needs of dance artists and dance companies. A multipurpose space featuring industry-standard Harlequin sprung flooring, freestanding ballet barre, multicoloured mood lighting, a room-length mirror, sound system and more. 

A dancer using one of our dance studios featuring sprung Harlequin dance floor, sound system, room-length mirror, freestanding ballet barre and plenty more

Why Pirate?

PIRATE.COM is the world’s largest creative studio and artist community network with close to 50 locations across the UK, DE, US and IE. We provide professional, affordable dance spaces and performance opportunities for professionals, casual creatives, and everyone in between. Rehearse in our multipurpose dance studios with Harlequin sprung flooring, room-length mirror, customisable mood lighting and capacity for up to 11 performers. For anyone with an interest in dance and the performing arts, regardless of your ethnicity, sexuality, gender or social status — this space is yours.

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Regular bookings and classes

Need more time, and space? We offer multiple bookings for the London dance community. It's perfect for a group of up to 11 people to rehearse or workshop. To make a booking or check availability, email with your preferred dates.

Holding regular classes? We can also secure you a slot weekly (or more often if you need it). Email us to book.

Book 12 hours or more and get 20% off the booking total!

Dance studios with sprung dance floor, room-length mirror, freestanding ballet barre. 24/7 dance studio hire — book today.

Your space and equipment

The dance studios are approximately 580 sq. ft in size — accommodating 11 people maximum, including the lead booker. You'll enjoy our custom-designed environment, including:

  • Harlequin Standfast and Flexity sprung flooring - Shock absorption panelling
 with area elasticity for identical end-to-end
 characteristics and better protection from injury
  • Harlequin - medium freestanding ballet barre
  • Mirrors - Room-length mirror, made of seven 4ft x 8ft pieces
  • Lighting - Multicoloured mood lighting custom built by Pirate
  • High-quality sound system - Denon DN300ZB Digital Media Player. Alto Professional LIVE 802 Mixer
. 2x Pioneer XPRS12 speakers
. Microphones, cables. Mackie volume controller
  • Air conditioning - and two 30' wall-mounted frames

From the Community

"Through Pirate I got a chance to practice privately and at my own pace."

— Saint Ludo, DJ Mag

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to common questions about our dance studios. Something else on your mind? Visit our support hub or reach out via Live Chat.

How many people are allowed in the studio?

In our dance studios, 11 people maximum including the lead booker or instructor. 

What do I need to know about my dance booking?

  • Building and room entry codes will be emailed to the lead booker of the room
  • In-room personal belongings storage is available (hangers and pigeon holes)
  • No storage is available to leave equipment overnight
  • Please, no tap shoes, heels, or outdoor footwear inside the studio

Set up your account

It takes less than two minutes to become a member:

  • Visit the account creation page.
  • Enter your details in each field. If you have a referral code from another Pirate customer, please enter it at this point.
  • Select Join and we’ll send you an SMS to confirm your mobile number. You’ll need to confirm this number before you can use your account.
  • Confirmed? You’re ready to book.

What if something breaks or I need a spare?

Spares in every location! We carry lots of spares in our sites, just in case you need any further equipment or something has a fault.  You'll also find lots of spare cables and mics in our rehearsal studios if needed.

Something missing from the room or you need an item from the Spares cupboard? Hit us up on Live Chat via the website. We will be more than happy to help.

A closer look

Your dance space is here, open around the clock for casual and professional use, at a low-cost rate.

Get your crew together and enjoy an affordable, on-demand practice environment

Your dance studios

Pirate Studios not available in your region? New locations are opening across the globe throughout 2020 and beyond. Keep an eye out on our Twitter for updates, or drop us an email at and let’s chat about how we can bring the next generation of creative studios to your area.

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