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What makes our Pre-Production Studio unique?

One room, endless possibilities

Our Pre-Production Studio bridges the gap between a rehearsal space and the big stage

  • Showcase the acts on your label to industry professionals

  • Practise with your chosen front-of-house engineer

  • Work on that all-important stagecraft

  • Rehearse with your orchestra or large-format band

  • Choreograph a dance routine

  • Film your next music video

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How it works

  • Choose your preferred date, time and session duration using our booking calendar
  • Securely pay for the room online

  • Visit the site and use the unique codes we'll send you to access your room

  • Make music to your heart’s content!

Pro equipment as standard

Only top quality brands used in every room. Our rooms are kitted out with the highest calibre drums, amps, mics and PAs as standard, ensuring you truly get the best out of your rehearsal time.

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