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1-2 People

Audio Interface

Arturia Minifuse1


Beyerdynamic DT770


SE Electronics SE2300

Monitor Speakers

2x Yamaha HS8

Midi Keyboard

Arturia Minilab MkII




You and your crew

Audio Interface

Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB


2x Pioneer XPRS 10


Audio Techinica AT2020 or SE Electronics SE2300

Monitor Speakers

Yamaha HS8 or KRK V6S4

Midi Keyboard

Novation Impulse 61
  • Lite
  • Pro

* Some studios may have different but equivalent equipment

This Space is Yours

Private Recording Studios

The creative process is different for every artist, yet the need for a quiet, productive space to work and learn is universal. 

Stop by for a quick hour during your lunch break or dedicate a full day, lock in for a solo session or invite the crew, the space is yours to experiment, make mistakes, and find your sound — at full volume. 

Home to artists of all disciplines and genres, check out our recording studios in action; get inspired for your next studio session, or your first.

Welcome to Your Brooklyn Music Studio

What to Expect

Discover Rap Studios Near You

Lay Down New Tracks and Create Visuals in Brooklyn

Birmingham music studio - rapper in vocal booth

Whether you’re the next big thing in Brooklyn drill, or you’re bringing a classic East Coast flow, join some of the city’s best rappers right here in Brooklyn. Book a session in Bushwick or Gowanus.

Our professional rap studios include a full music production setup, so you can travel light, plus specialized vocal booths. Write, spit bars, collaborate, and hang out in your own private studio. Leave distractions at home.

Book Studio Time for Music Production

Call Up the Crew or Book a Solo Session

pridction room

Lay down a beat for a rapper, mix and master a cool new band’s demo, or finally lock in some time to work on your next techno EP. Our music production studios are set up to accommodate the wide range of sounds coming out of contemporary Brooklyn.

Choose from two types of recording studios in Bushwick and Gowanus—Lite and Pro. Choose Pro for more space, advanced gear, or if you need a vocal booth. If you’re starting out, go for Lite. Make the call, and book a music studio near you in seconds.

Unlock a Private Songwriting Studio

Turn Your New Ideas into Demos in Brooklyn

Pirate Studios Recording

Get into the right headspace at our Brooklyn songwriting studios, and join some of the best songwriters preparing to hit the world’s stage.

Unlock a quiet, comfortable space with monitors, microphones, an interface, a MIDI keyboard, headphones, and extras included. Invite collaborators, meet new people, or settle in for some solo work. This is your space to experiment and find your sound—book a private studio online.

Also at Our Brooklyn Recording Studios

Unlock Events, Workshops, and Music Lessons

Artist workshoping at West Adams LA

Want a jump start? Learn with an expert tutor at a recording studio near you. Local producers offer tailored music production courses at all of our Brooklyn music studios.

Plus, learn the music business in free workshops with industry professionals. Join sessions designed to help independent artists at every stage—from getting signed to marketing yourself.

When you’re ready, test your tracks at AUX, our monthly music-sharing event in Gowanus. Book a spot and bring an original track on a USB to get honest feedback in a supportive environment.

Level up and meet the artists sharing your studios.

Brooklyn's Finest

New York

Let's take a closer look at some of our favorite neighborhood jaunts in Brooklyn:

  • Watering holes are a dime a dozen in these parts, and yet The Drift and One Stop still manage to stand head and shoulders above the rest. For a mouth-watering, all-vegan menu, look no further than Modern Love; for the most authentic Italian plates in the area, Il Passatore is a local go-to.
  • Creative minds adore Arts & Craftsmen Supplies. This pet-friendly haven stocks wares for painting, printmaking, sewing, and just about every other craft under the sun.


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For Everyone

ADA-compliant DJ booths

This image may contain: flooring, lighting, floor

Studio 22 at Bushwick has been specifically-designed for accessible use. Book now and enjoy first-class DJ practice equipment with additional features, including:

  • Wide access to the DJ desk
  • 15-degree angled equipment
  • Flat surfaces on either side
  • Knee clearance for comfortable chair positioning
  • Power sockets at front of desk

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