Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Rehearsal studios

Prenzlauer Berg music studios open for all creatives. 24/7 self-service rehearsal, recording, DJ and podcast studios.


Pirate rehearsal studios

High-quality equipment. Acoustically-treated studios. The music rehearsal studios are your space to get creative. All of our rehearsal studios are fully kitted, with a variety of room types to suit your needs:

  • Practicing drums solo? Rehearsal Standard studios fit up to four people comfortably. 
  • Vocals with a backing band? Rehearsal Pro studios are perfect for five.
  • Fine-tuning your ensemble performance? A Rehearsal Showcase studio fits six easily.

Inside, you’ll find the very best equipment from Marshall, Boss, Ashdown and more in all of our music practice rooms. Just starting out? An experienced pro? You’ll be set up for a great rehearsal every time.

Guitarist performing inside a Pirate Studios rehearsal studio

Your space to create

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our specialist Berlin studios are the perfect place to create, write, produce, practice and mix with no distractions.

In Prenzlauer Berg there are 27 spaces ready for your next project: 

  • Hone your mix on club-standard equipment in the DJ studios
  • Rehearsal studios to jam with your band or practice for the next gig
  • Recording studios to write and produce songs or capture vocals
  • Plug and play podcast studios for easy recording

Simply book and pay by the hour using our easy live calendar. It's time to let your creativity flow.

Take a look at the 360 virtual tour for Prenzlauer Berg.

Close up shot of a DJ using a Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 and CDJ-2000NXS2 inside a Pirate Studios DJ studio

What is Pirate?

A worldwide network of DJ, production, rehearsal, podcast and dance studios, giving you round the clock access to create. Because we’re open 24/7, we've made the experience entirely self-service using our unique entry code system — but if you ever need a hand, we're here. The fastest way to get support is via Live Chat.

Find out more about our Berlin rehearsal studios

Old industrial scene in Berlin

From Berlin with love

Welcome to our newest Berlin location, which you’ll find between Friedrichshain’s party district and the chilled-out, family-friendly region of Prenzlauer Berg on the Landsberger Allee strip. It’s busy around these parts, in a good way, so we’re not short of favourite spots. Go take a break and check these out:

  • Mensch Meier: casual daytime coffee jaunt by day, rowdy house and techno club by night
  • Volkspark Friedrichshain: Berlin’s oldest public park with loads of Renaissance-esque stone features
  • Budike: long-standing, old-school restaurant with a no-frills menu and the area’s best schnitzel. You can quote us on that.
  • Barrel Berlin: fine-wine specialists on Petersburger Platz, worth every penny
  • Geremia Tiramisu: one of the best ‘pick me up’ desserts by a country mile, and walkable from the studios

Equipment Available

  • Amps - Marshall MG100HCFX 120w Guitar Head, Marshall 1960A 4x12 300w Guitar Cab
  • Amps - Boss Katana Guitar Head, Marshall MX412A 4x12 240w Guitar Cab
  • Bass Amps - Ashdown/Fender Bass Amps and Cabs
  • Drums - Natal Arcadia or Pearl Export five-piece drum kit (please bring your own drumsticks)
  • Microphones - Stagg SDM50 vocal microphones and stands
  • PA - Pioneer XPRS PA speakers
  • Mixer - Alto 1202 12 channel mixer or Proel MQ12USB mixer

Find Us

Getting Here

Landsberger Allee 117, 10407, Berlin, Germany

The Prenlzauer Berg studios are accessible via lift from ground floor level to the basement. All communal facilities are also WC-accessible.

Entry is via automatic glass sliding doors between Rewe Supermarket and DM, and under “GesundheitsZentrum”. Take the stairs on the right down to the basement. The entrance is on the right.

Driving? There is a public car park in the same building as the studios and on-street parking available.

Taking public transport? Landsberger Allee S-Bahn (S8, S9, S41, S42, S85), trams (M4, M5, M6, M8, M10) and bus 156 are available on the main road next to the studios.

From the Community