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Relentless Freeform Studio Fund

Apply to Win £500 Studio Credit


Check if You Qualify

You are a DJ or Producer, aged 18-30

Choose Your Track

Either a mix or track

Apply via the Form

Submit a bio and your music

Watch Your Inbox

Winners will be contacted July 31
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The Fund

What You Need, What You Get

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Relentless and Pirate are joining forces to support the next generation of DJs and producers by offering £500 in studio credit to 5 artists aged 18 to 30. This credit can be used at any Pirate studio across the UK. 

Targeting DJs and producers who are pushing the boundaries in electronic music, applicants are required to submit a 50-word bio and either a 20-minute genre-defying mix or two demo tracks. 

Awards will be distributed in multiple rounds throughout the year. Check for the next application period below. This staggered approach means there is no need to submit works in progress; if your application isn't ready, simply apply in the next round for the best chance. You may apply for more than one round of the scheme, but the music or mix you submit must be new each time.

Relentless FreeForm

Brought to You by Relentless Energy Drink

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Over the past decade, Relentless has emerged as a positive force in UK music and youth culture, supporting artists at a grassroots level. Initiatives include their renowned No5 studio in Soho, late-night stages at Leeds Festival, an ongoing partnership with Boomtown Festival, and a recent takeover at Notting Hill Carnival.

Launched in 2023, the Freeform Forum by Relentless is designed to empower young, disruptive creatives in the music industry to overcome traditional barriers, with support from industry leaders. In collaboration with Pirate, Relentless Freeform will offer professional studio spaces for DJs and producers to be creative without limits.