Pirate Mix 003: Dr Dubplate

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Ahead of a stacked gig month in October, including go-to Brighton basement Patterns and further afield in Tbilisi, Dr Dubplate heads to Pirate Bristol to record his Pirate Mix.

A truly multi-genre DJ, spend an hour listening to "a little bit of everything".

Dr Dubplate throws the rule book out

Recording a mix that reflects his "scatty personality," Dr Dubplate cruises through a myriad of different genres, surprising, exciting and denying any rules:

"To be honest, it's got a little bit of everything. I'm a very skatty person and I love this to be reflected in my mixes.

Right now, I'm feeling massively inspired by so many different genres and this mix is a clear reflection of that. From house to techno, garage, 2-step, trance, baile funk, trap, dubstep and breaks, I tried to slide a little bit of everything in it for you guys.

I personally find it very boring staying in one place for a whole set and if there's one thing I'd like to do, it's inspire others to take risks and have fun, there are no rules to this mixing business!"

Why We Record

Previously recording predominantly for guest mixes like this one, Dr Dubplate explains his DJ mate A For Alpha inspired him to "record literally everything" in order to keep improving:

"I'm always listening back to my recordings. Mainly so I can see what I can do better and most importantly what transitions are sounding clean so I've got my power combos on lock when I touch the nightclub.

DJing is like any other skill and I think it's super important to be self critical so you are always trying to push things to that next level. I'd recommend all DJs do the same to continue improving their skills."

As well as recommending every DJ does record, Dr Dubplate reckons CAPTURE.AUDIO is a great new way of doing it:

"It makes the process of recording effortless which is especially great for DJs that are getting started. I love the fact that you click a link and then hit record. You really couldn't make the process any easier!"

Catch Dr Dubplate Live

You can catch the ec2a boss at various venues across October. Have a browse below and grab tickets via RA:

  • 5th October — The Mash House, Edinburgh
  • 6th October — The World Headquarters, Newcastle
  • 7th October — Patterns, Brighton
  • 8th October — The Old Red Bus Station, Leeds
  • 14th October — ????, Tbilisi
  • 21st October — Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

Listen Now


  1. Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany - Wasp Of A Woman
  2. D.I.E - No Future In Detroit
  3. Scart Lead - Strictly No Gravy
  4. Oldboy - Pulse O
  5. Kobe JT & Logan - Listen Up
  6. Hermit - Favela
  7. Low End Activist - Airborne
  8. HOOD - The Rat Race
  9. Chokez - Hornet
  10. Luxe - Sweet Cheeks
  11. Tom Place - Deep Cutzzz
  12. X Club. - Inna Trance
  13. Marlon Hoffstadt - Moments Of Extasy
  14. DJ Highlmiter - Dangerous Electric
  15. An Avrin - Bats!
  16. Sarah Farina - Get It Gurl
  17. Yourboykiran - I Can See It
  18. Yosh - Skyline (Angel D'Lite Remix)
  19. Breaka - Leave Your Dirt At The Door (Disaffected Remix)
  20. Slinki - Godfruit
  21. Cozen - Big Thighs
  22. ???? - Now Rave 2nite
  23. Lubeat - Shark Alarm

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