In partnership with IOM, join our free-to-attend panel discussion on Thursday 9 December 2021 with some of the UK's key players — Raji Rags, Tash LC, and Fred Masters (Keep Hush). Simply RSVP below to confirm your attendance.

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What is the event?

With the advent of live streaming and virtual audiences, the status quo of underground club culture has been disrupted. Music scenes are changing fast and club culture is no longer restricted to the club, but are our institutions keeping up with this rapid paradigm shift? How can aspiring young artists navigate and seize this moment? Join NTS resident Raji Rags, Kiss FM and Worldwide FM resident Tash LC, and Keep Hush founder Fred Masters for a deep dive into the future of dance music at a TBC Pirate London location on Thursday 9 December 2021.

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Raji Rags

Former Boiler Room Head of Music, radio host, events organiser, producer, DJ and A&R specialist, Raji Rags is a name with plenty of weight within underground electronic music. Raj will be joining us to give insight on the scene, drawing on his experiences within the industry to discuss how it is, has, and continues to evolve in the age of live-streaming and virtual audiences.

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Tash LC

DJ, radio presenter, party starter and record label founder, Tash LC consistently merges different sounds and cultures through her events, releases and playlists. Tash’s experience comes from all sides of the music industry, so we couldn’t think of anyone better to join our panel and give her insights on the underground music scene.

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Freddy Masters

As the co-founder of community-streaming platform Keep Hush, Freddy not only elevates streaming and online mediums but also archives and showcases music culture in general. The success of his collective — and its ability to stay current within a constantly changing scene — makes him a perfect panelist to discuss the position of culture in the electronic music scene today.

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