Capture Mix 005: Syz

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Syz delivers an hour of "groovers and bass heavy whoppers" to warm up for clubbing season.

A Club Ready Set Of Winter Warmers

London-based DJ and producer Syz has been mixing since his early teens in Brighton:

"I first started mixing records at a YMCA youth club in Brighton when I was about 14/15 years old. I was taught by Hizzle Guy and used to mix mainly dubstep, grime and D&B."

Since coming of age and moving to the capital (with 6 years in Bristol in between), Syz has honed his DJing and developed a techno-leaning production style that has led to releases on Method Lab, Pressure Dome and most recently, his sold-out Bunzunkunzun EP on Control Freak Recordings.

These days, you can expect heavy percussions and deep grooves behind the decks, get a taste in his hour-long Capture Mix:

"As we enter the autumn/winter months, its clubbing season. I wanted to showcase a club ready set focused on groovers and bass heavy whoppers."

Why We Record

Recording almost every time he DJs, Syz practices "once or twice a week," at home and at Pirate's DJ studios, a frequency which he says is less than he'd like:

"It's great to listen back for reference and to note down any decent blends for future use. I only have turntables at home at the moment, so I usually use Pirate about once a week."

You can catch Syz in the coming weeks at clubs in London and Bristol. Plus, he's teasing new music on one of the UK's finest underground labels Banoffee Pie Records:

"Next gigs are Venue MOT for Maple Cuts on 14th Oct then onto Bristol on 4th November at the Love Inn for a Trouble Maker night.

I also just got the masters back from my next EP. It's a 4 track 12" with a digital bonus coming out on Banoffee Pie Records. Keep ur eyes and ears peeled for that one!"

Listen Now


  1. Skee Mask - Absence
  2. Clerya - 2B
  3. Al Wootton - Mercia
  4. Interloped - Dyslecta Remix
  5. Kliptown - Maakul
  6. Jasper James - 0141
  7. DJ Boss - Harmonika
  8. Carpainter - Do Not Clatter
  9. Bailey Ibbs - Interpretation
  10. Amor Satyr & Siu Mata - Lights Off
  11. Swooser - Hyphae (Peach Remix)
  12. Wesley Jay & Shimano - Jazz Music (Remix)
  13. Rhyw - Kirkhusa
  14. HVL - Collective Genius
  15. Kundai - Seance
  16. Amor Satyr & Siu Mata - Aquarius
  17. Two Shell - Dust
  18. Lighter - Skanker
  19. Samuel L Session - S.A.D Part 4
  20. Davis Galvin - Qorlii
  21. Bailey Ibbs - I’ll Always
  22. Toxe - Honey Island

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