Queer Music Agency's 10 LGBTQ+ Artists To Watch

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Queer Music Agency recommend 5 LGBTQ+ musicians and 5 LGBTQ+ DJs on the rise.

Set up a year ago in Denmark and branching out internationally, Queer Music Agency solely represents Queer artists, working to get them booked, heard and paid:

“Our dream is for more Queer artists to be able to make a living from music.”

Having proved their concept on home soil, QMA are looking to London to take their first step towards the international market:

“It has been the plan from the beginning that QMA would have an international perspective and London is an obvious choice for us with already large Queer and music scenes. We’ve just signed our first London-based artist. Hopefully there will be many more to come!”

With a Queer Music Showcase planned for March 2nd (venue TBA) featuring a mix of Danish and UK artists, we asked QMA to recommend 10 unmissable LGBTQ+ artists: 5 musicians and 5 DJs.

5 up-and-coming Queer Musicians

Sander Sanchez

Sander Sanchez (He/Him) is a 26-year-old singer/songwriter, originally from Jutland and South Dakota (US), based in Copenhagen where he is currently studying music.

His style is dynamic and soulful, he loves reflexive lyrics that give a platform to his innermost feelings, his aesthetic is inspired by a colourful, light-bending universe.

Regarding genre, Sander is playful as he flows elegantly into 80’s pop, hip hop, blues, soul, r&b, ambient, funk and EDM.

Despite his young age, Sander is already active on the gig circuit in big bands, musicals and on television. He's performed at events such as World Pride, Smukfest and Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

Brave James

Brave James (They/Them) is unafraid to be unique and blends dreamy alt-pop, maximalist electro production and multi-layered psychedelic vocal harmonies as they whip up a whirlwind of multi-generational influences into a sound that sits right at home in 2022.

These traits both flourish and prosper in their debut album ‘BE BRAVE’ where Brave James merges genres which should be contradictory into a fluid, cohesive whole.


Taralillah (She/Her) experiments with both the masculine and feminine in her productions. She also dives into the brave and odd visual universe, a nod to her Icelandic roots.

Tarallilah’s lyrics and music point out and distort the normative effects of beauty and female dominance. She is able to express freedom in her lyrics by writing explicit pieces of music that push the boundaries society has placed upon us.

As a part of her musical storytelling, Taralillah challenges her production to express and amplify feelings, blending dance-pop, house and techno.


UBLU is a Danish club rock band playing for the queers and their peers in a world where the angsty rock of the 00’s meets synth-pumping fetish clubs.

With titillating and forceful melodies, the band sings of haunted warehouse raves, broken or confused hearts and the euphoria of being both glamourous and stupid.

UBLU is ABBA for goths. They are a bad romance between tragicomedy and genuine sentimentality. Everything about UBLU is sexy, just as everything about UBLU is cringe. They've managed to position themselves right where the noise of the times becomes theatrical, emotional and celebratory.


Basit (They/Them) is a non-binary Black, Nigerian-American performance artist, singer/songwriter and actor. They are also a co-founder of Legacy, a production company focused on providing resources to artists systematically excluded from and exploited by media and the arts.

Their creative practices are rooted in cultivating radical empathy, embracing vulnerability and unique expression, and finding power and strength in existence.

5 up-and-coming Queer DJs


Sinfohme aka Anira Orlando (She/Her) is an upcoming queer trans DJ with roots in SABAAHH and Future Female Sounds.

Sinfohme plays pop, hip-hop/trap, old school throwbacks, brazilian funk and house/soft techno. She loves to vibe with the audience, be creative with her outfits and provide a true experience.


Nova (They/Them) is a queer DJ at the dawn of their music career. They have a great love for music — especially techno and electro. They are also smitten by house, disco and hip hop.

Nova’s goal is to please your ears and create a space where you can connect and escape to music that will make you euphoric, ecstatic and make your body want to dance.


ADEXIA (She/They) is a Danish DJ and electronic music producer based in Copenhagen. She graduated from Future Female Sounds DJ Academy in June 2022 and is a part of the SheCanPlay community of 2022-2023.

Their inspiration comes from experimental and avant-garde soundscapes from the future.

ADEXIA has a distinct love for sound-design and technology. With her unapologetic appearance and alluring bass-music, she has been playing visceral sets at venues like Peder Oxes Kælder, Kvindehuset, AiAiAi and Depot Radio.

ADEXIA doesn’t think much of genre, labels or binaries, but you may expect an innovative and exhilarating mix of electronic dance-pop, house, hyperpop, club hits, hip hop or techno.


WITZANSKY (He/Him) has been DJing for over 25 years and is still continuously seeking for new inspiration and platforms to share his passion. His journey has led him to running nightclubs (with Rosa Lux) and holding residencies at the notoriously sweaty TS Bar nightclub among others.

His style is trippy deep house and straight up (no pun) banging house but usually with a distinct early 90ies tech vibe to it, down to fast rumbling techno.

His curiosity for the bombastic cinematic and non danceable music has led him to making scores for several fashion shows including HOM, Nicholas Nybro and Vivienne Westwood.


Entree (He/Him) is a Copenhagen-based DJ and party promoter. He has been a resident DJ at venues like Søpavillonen, Jolene and Bakken in Copenhagen and Powerhouse in San Francisco.

He is very fond of house and techno, but he also has a weakness for pop bangers and r&b jams. He likes to blend genres while making sure the mix is still coherent and symbiotic. Fitting a Beyonce track into a techno set without it seeming off is what makes DJing fun for him.

If you're a Queer artist looking for representation, reach out to Queer Music Agency via the contact form on their website.

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