The Bandcamp App Now Supports Queueing

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Since Bandcamp's latest app update, listeners can now curate limitless queues as well as buy releases direct from labels and artists.

The development has been eagerly awaited, transforming the platform's listening experience in-line with the major music streaming apps.

Users can now browse their personal music collections and create seamless queues.

Bandcamp's announcement came via Instagram on the 10th of February, highlighting its capabilities to queue music, shuffle and loop:

"The Bandcamp app now supports queueing! ⁠ ⁠

Listen to multiple albums and tracks from your collection without interruption.⁠ ⁠

Go to your collection and tap-and-hold on the items you want to add to your queue. ⁠

Shuffle it if you’re feeling spicy, loop it if you’d like the music to continue forever.⁠"

While some Bandcamp users are heralding this update as the beginning of Bandcamp's 'takeover' from streaming giants like Spotify, there's likely still a long way to go before consumer behaviour shifts back towards buying music and listening to personal collections.

However, if the change encourages any music lovers to shift from streaming to buying music, this could equal great news for independent artists and labels.


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