ABSOLUTE.'s Top Songs To Close The Night Out

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Nobody likes the moment in the club when the lights come up so we asked London-based DJ/producer ABSOLUTE. for his top tracks to soften the blow.

ABSOLUTE. has enjoyed a busy DJing schedule in 2022 (with shows at Pikes, DC10, Glastonbury, CRSSD, Parklife, Milkshake Festival and fabric to name a few) as one of the UK's brightest up-and-comers.

Now a true fixture of the UK clubbing scene, the trailblazer Gay Times and Mixmag cover star has proven that he knows how to run a party from behind the decks, including how to close the night out.

DJing is all about timing after all. Your openers, peak time tracks and closing songs need to be on point, or dancers will wander off to the other room, smoking area or worse, home. Getting nervous? Not to worry. Here is some inspiration for closing tracks that will leave them wanting more, from a pro.

Thanks to ABSOLUTE. for the tips.

Diddy - Give me Love (Tony de Vit mix)


One of my queer producer heroes: underground dance icon, pioneer and Trade resident Tony de Vit. He turned Diddy's 'Give Me Love' into an end-of-the-night euphoric hard house weapon. I was ending a lot of my sets on this towards the start of the year. Trade was one of the first after-hours clubs in London and was an underground queer dance mecca.

ABSOLUTE. - Voices


I wrote this track with the end of the night in mind and I closed a load of sets with it over the last few months and over festival season. It has an emotion that stays with you and enough energy to pull at your heartstrings.

MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix)


My ultimate end of the night tune for the past few months. It has the perfect amount of nostalgia and surprise. It's got something that will stick in your head long after so you’ll remember the night. I kept playing it at +12 so I made an edit at 145 BPM to give it some extra energy.

Legend B - Lost In Love


A high-energy, stripped, emotive trance classic from '97.

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400


I had a few peak moments of people chanting this riff back to me when I dug it out over festival season. I opened my set with it at Fly Open Air, and that pretty much sums the energy levels of the Scottish crowds.

The Joubert Singers - stand on the word


It’s sometimes nice to end on a softer note and this tune brings everyone together in such a beautiful way, the piano and choir is so joyous.

ABSOLUTE. - U4IA (ft Bklava)


One I made from my bedroom during lockdown, it was the antidote to feeling trapped at that time. Peak energy, euphoria and more energy.

Vitalic - La Rock


Classic, classy electro techno that builds with full intensity and energy, an emotional riot.

DJ Daddy Trance - I'm Bringin' Sexy Back


There’s so many pop edits going around at the moment but DJ Daddy Trance's has to be favourite, I constantly get asked what this is whenever I play it.

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