10 Under the Radar Artists to Watch in 2024

Artists meeting each other and networking @ Pirate Ridgewood, New York

“What track is this?”

When I’m in control of the music and I hear those magical four words it’s impossible not to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And while I’ve always loved putting people onto great music, putting people onto great music that’s truly under the radar feels even better.

And not just because of the feeling of getting there first and being ahead of the curve. There’s an aspect of that for sure, but for me it’s more about supporting an artist at the early stages of their journey.

The merch you purchase counts for more, your streams count for more, your vinyl sales count for more and in general your support as a fan is incredibly meaningful when they’re still blossoming as an artist.

So with that said, here are 10 under the radar artists to go and show your support for this year.

1. Marla Kether

Genres: House, Electronica, Global Groove

Listen if you like: DjeuhDjoah, Nubiyan Twist

Having played bass and toured with the likes of Yazmin Lacey, Loyle Carner and Obongjayar, it’s no surprise that groove comes second nature to Marla Kether. The talented bassist and producer released her debut solo EP All That We Have last year which is a vibrant and dance floor ready fusion of house and electronica that’s elevated with Brazilian and Congolese influence. I caught her at We Out Here Festival a couple of years ago and immediately knew that she was an artist I would be shouting about going forward.

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2. John Roseboro

Genres: Post Bossa, Indie, Soul

Listen if you like: Joao Gilberto, Steve Lacy

I discovered John Roseboro’s music for the first time towards the end of last year and not only did it take my breath away but his album Johnny instantly became my favourite album of the year. His raw and disarming fusion of Post Bossa and Indie cut straight to my soul and felt unlike anything I had heard before. Every time I listen to his music I marvel at how his lyricism is so playful and so poignant at the same time. Keep a lookout for new music dropping this year.

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3. Amy Gadiaga

Genres: Contemporary Jazz

Listen if you like: Charles Mingus, Alfa Mist

Paris born and now London based vocalist, composer and double bassist Amy Gadiaga released her debut EP All Black Everything through Jazz Refreshed earlier this year and it was a huge breath of fresh air. Combining old school jazz sensibilities with contemporary compositions, Gadiaga has cemented herself as a crucial voice on the UK scene with timely writing that explores racial identity and celebrates self acceptance. I can’t wait to hear more from her.

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4. Yuuf

Genres: Surf Rock, Psychedelic Soul, Funk

Listen if you like: Khruangbin, Common Saints

Spotify link:

London-based four piece outfit Yuuf have released just two tracks so far but already I can see that they’re destined to make waves. Their shimmering and gently psychedelic surf-rock sound is so relaxing that you can almost feel the summer breeze between the notes. And having just sold out their debut headline show at Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston earlier this year, it’s clear that their star is only going to continue to shine brighter.

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5. Thandii

Genres: Funk, Psychedelic Soul

Listen if you like: SAULT, Unknown Mortal Orchestra Spotify link:

Thandii will always have a special place in my heart as it was their 2023 track ‘Give Me a Smile’ that catapulted one of my Instagram posts viral and snowballed the Somewhere Soul audience to what it is today. The duos sound is gritty, groove-heavy and bursting with the sort of psychedelic soul that demands to be played on big festival stages. Their follow up album is due this year and I for one can’t wait to get it in my ears.

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6. Kindelan

Genres: Alternative Soul

Listen if you like: Lianna La Havas, Jordan Rakei

Spotify link:

Another artist to emerge from the vibrant Leeds (UK) scene, singer songwriter and guitarist Kindelan is an artist whose intelligent songwriting and richly textured soundscapes instantly struck a chord with me when I heard her debut EP last year. Her accomplished brand of jazz-kissed alternative soul carries all the weight of an artist who has been releasing music for years, not one who is just getting started. Definitely one to watch.

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7. Daudi Matsiko

Genres: Folk

Listen if you like: Nick Drake, Billie Marten, Bon Iver

Nottingham based British-Ugandan singer songwriter Daudi Matsiko released his debut album in 2017 but he didn’t find his way onto my radar until last year with a single from his follow up album The King of Misery. I saw someone on Bandcamp describe this album as ‘crushingly beautiful’ and I couldn’t pick two better words myself. With such raw and stripped back soundscapes there’s nowhere for his honest and deeply personal lyricism to hide, and that’s the beauty of it. I urge you to spend some time with his music, you’ll feel like a different person after it.

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8. Ashaine White

Genres: Soul, Grunge

Listen if you like: Nick Hakim, Charlotte Day Wilson

Coining the genre ‘Grunge-Soul’ to describe her music, Ashaine White is an artist well and truly in her own lane as she channels influences such as Ella Fitzgerald and Radiohead to create her moody and melodic guitar driven music. Her 2023 EP Ash is a masterclass in songwriting and the lyrics to tracks such as ‘Right Here’ and ‘Favourite Thing’ will worm their way into your mind for days. Rumour has it she’s releasing more music this year so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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Genres: Cinematic & Psychedelic Soul, Jazz-Funk

Listen if you like: David Axelrod, Ironsides Spotify link:

Drummer, multi-instrumentalist and producer SHOLTO released his debut album The Changing Tides of Dreams last year and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Towering cinematic and psychedelic soundscapes that will sweep you away and make you feel like the main character in a 1970s French murder mystery film. Those that know him personally have spoken to me about how prolific he is and the proof is in the pudding, his second album is already recorded and ready to drop later this year.

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10. Uniri

Genres: Jazz Fusion, Electronica, Beats

Listen if you like: Yussef Dayes, Moses Boyd, Alexander Flood

This brand new supergroup headed up by drummer and producer Chiminyo encapsulates everything I love about the limitless potential and freedom of Jazz Fusion. Their debut album Infinite Reflections is a mind-bending kaleidoscope of fizzing drums, cosmic synths, irrefusable groove and is easily one of my standout releases of the year so far. I’ve got myself a copy of the album on vinyl, now all I need to do is see them live.

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