Prince: Overcoming Creative Blocks

Homeschooling his son through the pandemic, Queens-born artist Prince Samo found little room for creativity. However, a temporary change in priorities has since led to his greatest ever musical phase.

I caught up with Prince at Pirate Gowanus to learn more about what makes him write; from his environment to his subjects.

On starting out as an artist, Prince reveals that for him, making music goes hand-in-hand with travelling the world:

“I was kinda forced into becoming an artist. I was doing it for fun with my friends, we made music, we traveled the world and it was great.”

However, Prince knows only too well that during a pandemic, everything that usually comes with being a musician is taken away. Speaking vividly about his creative block, he explains:

“I don’t really want to make music about eating oreos till 6 in the morning.”

The change in Prince’s life is made all the greater by his assumption of a role which comes easily to very few parents - full-time educator:

“Yeah, I’m a musician, I’m a dad but I’m also a home teacher.”

With such a hectic present, the New York rapper finds little time to recall the past, where much of his creative fodder comes from:

“I tend to write music based on past experiences.”

Listen to Prince’s music and you’ll hear memories of past lovers and overdue apologies:

“You know what I realised the other day? I have a hard time writing happy music.”

However, with light at the end of the tunnel, and Prince back in the studio, the musical hiatus has done him good:

“I’ve never been here before. I’ve made music, I’ve toured, I’ve done all this shit but I’ve never been here musically.”

Even if it’s a mixtape about homeschooling, I get the impression the results of this newfound energy are going to be special.

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