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We’ve got 6 DJ practice studios across our 2 Manchester locations where you can record a mix, back-to-back or just rehearse. Choose from 2 private DJ studios in Salford and 4 DJ rooms in Cheetham.

Learning to DJ or messing around with friends? Book a cheaper Standard mixing studio.

DJ Studio Types *



2 Decks

2 x Pioneer CDJs


Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2


2x Pioneer XPRS 10


Custom lighting and temperature control

Studio Size

65² Feet - Up to 5 People

* Some studios may have different but equivalent equipment

This Space is Yours

Find Your Sound at Full Volume

Step behind the decks and push the boundaries of your creativity, without worrying about the neighbours. Whether you're learning how to DJ for the first time, practising for a show, or just having a mix with a friend, the space is yours to do it at full volume.

Home to artists of all disciplines and genres, check out our DJ studios in action; get inspired for your next studio session, or your first.

What You Get

Why Make Pirate Your DJ Studio

Crossfader x Pirate DJ Course

Learn at Your Own Pace with 27 Flexible Lessons

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Pirate has partnered with Crossfader to offer Pirate artists 25% off a new DJ course, hosted by Crossfader founder Jamie Hartley. Perfect for beginners, the course is designed to get you club-ready even if you’ve never touched CDJs before. Fully digital, you can learn at your own pace.

Learn to format your USB, move music into Rekordbox, beat match, and add effects. Normally £40, $50, or €47, get 25% off with code PIRATE25. Lessons are compatible with Pirate DJ studios, so you don’t need any equipment to get started.

All Genres, All Levels

The DJs Using Pirate Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a DJ practice room in Manchester?

Pirate offers competitive rates for DJ studio rental in Manchester.

Prices start at £8.90 per hour for a Standard DJ practice room, varying based on studio location and session timing (peak or off-peak).

How many Pirate DJ rooms are in Manchester?

Pirate operates 6 DJ studios in Manchester across our Salford and Cheetham locations.

Can you livestream your mix from the Manchester studios?

While our DJ rooms don't have built-in live streaming capabilities, you're welcome to live stream your set. Check out our guide on how to livestream a DJ set to get started.

How to prepare for your first DJ session in one of our Manchester studios?

First-time visitors should bring their own headphones and a USB or laptop. If you’re new to DJing, our how to DJ guide is a great resource to get started.

Private DJ lessons are also available in our Manchester DJ studios or online. If you’d like to come for a look around our DJ rooms and equipment, why not sign up for our next open decks night in Manchester.

Are the studios suitable for beginner DJs?

Our DJ studios are perfectly suited for those in Manchester looking to learn how to DJ. With plug-and-play simplicity, you only need a USB and headphones to start DJing on CDJs. Beginners can also benefit from our how to beatmatch guide and DJ lessons available in our DJ studios and online.

How to choose the best DJ rehearsal studio for your project?

All our DJ studios in Manchester are fitted with club-standard gear. The only differences between Standard and Pro DJ rooms are in size and the number of CDJs — Pro rooms are larger, with three CDJs, while Standard studios have two.

Need more space or an extra CDJ?
Pro’s the way. On a budget? Standard’s your pick. 

Looking for a DJ practice studio in Salford? They’re all Standard. For three decks, head to Pirate Cheetham.


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