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London Hackney Recording studios

Hackney has one of every Pirate studio — podcast, dance, recording, production and DJ. So whatever your next project, you can get creative here.
An inside look at a typical recording studio. 24/7 recording room hire for music production and vocal capture — book now

Inside your recording studios

The process of creation is different for everyone, yet the need for a quiet, productive space is universal. With self-service access, professional equipment provided free, and affordable day rates, our recording studios help you capture your creativity the moment it sparks.

Pop in for an hour, settle in for a day session, record, mix, edit — the space is yours for whatever purpose you need, and available 24/7 to work around your daily routine.

Capture your creativity in our multi-purpose recording studios — the perfect spot to produce, edit and record

Close up shot of a guitarist and pedal board inside a Pirate Studios rehearsal studio

Your space to create

Whether you're a relative beginner or a seasoned pro, our specialist Hackney studios are the perfect place to create, write, produce, practice, record, mix and dance with no distractions.

We have five different studio types for you to choose from:

  • Hone your mix on club-standard DJ equipment
  • Rehearsal studios to jam with your band or practice for the next gig in 
  • Plug and play podcast studios for easy recording
  • Production studios to write songs or record vocals
  • Hackney Wick's first self-service dance studios

Simply book and pay by the hour using our easy live calendar. It's time to let your creativity flow.

Close up shot of a DJ using a Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 and CDJ-2000NXS2 inside a Pirate Studios DJ studio

What is Pirate?

A worldwide network of DJ, production, rehearsal, podcast and dance studios, giving you round the clock access to create. To let you enjoy 24/7 access, we've made the experience entirely self-service using our unique entry code system — but if you ever need a hand, we're here. The fastest way to get support is via Live Chat.

Enjoy industry-standard equipment at affordable prices at our Hackney studios

Dancer taking a break inside Pirate Hackney dance studios

Hackney extension coming soon

We are hyped to announce that Hackney is gaining no fewer than 12 brand-new creative studios, just a few months after opening doors:

  • 4 Premium DJ studios, equipped with 2x CDJ-2000 NXS2s and weighty Pioneer sound systems
  • 2 Pro DJ studios, equipped with a third CDJ-2000 NXS2 in a larger room for you and your mates
  • 6 Recording studios for music production and high-quality vocal capture

Bookings for these open on 16 October... stay tuned.