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We've compiled a list of the top 10 DJ events to immerse yourself in Los Angeles' bustling electronic music scene — from open decks to grassroots club nights.

Finding your community in a city as vast as Los Angeles is challenging, yet the LA nightlife keeps people connected. For prospective DJs, it's essential to experience a wide variety of acts and, away from the dance floor, to collaborate and attend music industry networking events. That's where we come in. There are many types of DJs, which leads to a diverse array of events. Below, we've listed some of the best recurring Los Angeles DJ events, including open decks and grassroots club nights, as well as some of the collectives making them happen across the city. Did we miss any events in the Los Angeles DJ scene? Let us know!

Open Decks

Scenario 808

Perfect for: House music DJs, new DJs, Japanese dance music

Scenario 808 specializes in Japanese and dance music, held at The Love Song — a cool and cozy bar next to the Regent Theater in DTLA. Their open decks occur at the start of each club night, and you can sign up using a short Google Form. They run before the lineup, offering a perfect opportunity for your first gig and to test your mixes in a club space.

Location: The Love Song

Cost: Free

Dates: Every Wednesday


Perfect for: New DJs, Queer DJs

Nokturnal Emissions is a party offering open decks session in LA at all of their club nights. Their nights are held at Concept Car Studios, one of the best DJ venues in Los Angeles. Expect big beats in an old car studio from some of the hottest talent across the city. If you think you can hold your own with the best of them, be sure to bring your USB early and show everyone what you've got.

Location: Concept Car Studios

Cost: From $15

Dates: Announced via Instagram

Pirate Open Sessions

Perfect for: New DJs, networking

Pirate's Open Sessions are the perfect place for DJs to practice playing to a supportive crowd. Held at our Los Angeles DJ studios, these free open decks sessions in LA are a great place to meet new people, discover new tunes, and sharpen your set mixes. Head to West Adams on the last Thursday of each month, whether you're learning how to DJ or are a master at the decks.

Location: Pirate West Adams

Cost: Free

Dates: The last Thursday, every month

DJ Collectives


Perfect for: Bmore/Jersey Club, Breakbeat, UKG, Ballroom, 140

Warp Mode was formed in the summer of 2021, after 15 years of party-throwing in NYC. Star Eyes, Bianca Oblivion, and AK Sports joined forces to create new kinds of LA club nights post-pandemic. Spanning everything from Bmore/Jersey club to UKG, it’s a space to celebrate their favorite sounds and for fellow Queer/POC/Womxn DJs to connect.

Location: Various, DTLA

Cost: $0 - $35

Dates: Announced via Instagram

Signal Underground

Perfect for: Queer artists, Hardcore, Club, 140, UKG

Celebrating underground dance music in the City of Angels, Signal Underground is a collective of artists that champions all club genres, with a focus on queer and underrepresented DJs at their nights, making it one of the best DJ events in Los Angeles. Expect big beats, cutting-edge sets, and a collective of queer creatives to meet and hopefully secure your next set in the best nightclubs in LA. Networking and moving? Absolutely.

Location: Various

Cost: $15 - $40

Dates: Announced via Instagram

Tunnel Worldwide

Perfect for: Queer artists, Multimedia, Rave

Tunnel Worldwide is a Queer multimedia collective specializing in connecting marginalized artists with the wider world. They have a radio station and mixes on their Linktree and host parties all year round, letting you rub shoulders with some of the best Queer artists in the city. It’s one of the best nights for clubbing in Los Angeles.

Location: Various, DTLA

Cost: $20 - $50

Dates: Announced via Instagram

Grassroots Parties


Perfect for: Queer POC, Queer DJs, safe space parties

BBC LA (Black Bass Collective) host parties across LA, aimed at providing Queer POC with a safe space in nightlife culture. Created by the legendary Defacto and Alxande Rivey, the party has been forging new spaces for Queer POC people across the city.

Location: Various

Cost: $8 - $15

Dates: Announced via Instagram


Perfect for: Jungle, Global Bass, UKG

Jetlag is a grassroots party based around LA that spotlights Jungle, Global Bass, and UKG from multi-racial and multi-generational artists. The airline-themed club night has been showcasing the best underground sounds LA has to offer. Expect big bass and a fellow crowd of Jungle enthusiasts to connect with on the dance floor.

Location: Various, DTLA

Cost: $10 - $20

Dates: Announced via Instagram

Club Breach

Perfect for: Latinx, SoundCloud, Gabber

Club Breach, the brainchild of Queer Latinx DJs Venganza and De Menin, is dedicated to providing a training ground for up-and-coming DJs to showcase their new skills in a club setting. The night features a range from gabber to SoundCloud core and offers a space for Queer Latinx music to exhibit its history and future.

Location: Various, DTLA

Cost: $5 - $20

Dates: Announced via Instagram

Into The Woods

Perfect for: Detroit, European club

Into The Woods, an artist collective based in LA, hosts parties throughout Los Angeles, often in secret locations. Their focus is on bridging the gaps between LA, Detroit, and European sounds, bringing together like-minded individuals. They host events regularly throughout the year.

Location: Various

Cost: $15 - $40

Dates: Announced via Instagram

LA's vibrant underground scene is a hub for boundary-pushing events and networking opportunities, making it an ideal place for aspiring DJs. If you're looking to break into the club music scene as an artist, these independent events and collectives are your best bet for finding gigs. They're not just about playing music; they focus on community building and nurturing emerging talent. For anyone still asking themselves how to get a DJ gig, diving into LA's dynamic underground events is an excellent place to start.

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