Pirate Launch 'The Project Fund'

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'The Project Fund' will award £17,000 of studio credit to support the development of 3 projects by creatives in 3 regions: UK & Ireland, Germany & US.

This is an opportunity for any creative or collective to pursue a new or ongoing project with free access to Pirate’s studios.

Eligible Projects

With a particular focus on projects that sound unique and could make an impact on the wider community, Pirate welcomes applications from any creative or collective who will make use of free time in their DJ studios, rehearsal studios, recording studios, podcast studios or dance studios.

Examples of projects might include a new DJ livestream series, developing a piece of theatre, teaching drums, starting a record label or even creating new TikTok routines.

Whether you've been an artist for years or you’re just starting out and have a vision for something bigger, this is an opportunity to get a project off the ground.

Funding will be granted based on originality, how you will use the studio time and the impact the project will have on your community.

The Award

Pirate will support the recipients of the fund with a year of free studio time and by promoting the project across their channels.

How To Apply

Apply for ‘The Project Fund’ as an individual or as part of a collective here.

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