Project Fund Recipients Announced

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Announced in January 2022 as an initiative to support diverse work that will make a positive community impact, the recipients of this year’s Project Fund have been chosen.

From 2,750 applicants, 21 judges have selected 3 who will get free access to Pirate’s worldwide studio network throughout 2022.

The successful applicants are: Brixton Chamber Orchestra from London, Lord Scorpio from New York and MARGO from Hamburg. You can learn more about all 3 projects below.

Brixton Chamber Orchestra

Brixton Chamber Orchestra will record Grime Orchestrated, an album to bridge the gap between Grime and Classical music, breaking musical and social barriers.

The Grime Orchestrated project has been going for 4 years as a live performance piece in Brixton and South London. However, this is the first time Brixton Chamber Orchestra will record and release material.

This project promises to bring new music to new audiences, dispell myths about both worlds, inspire future generations and bring people closer together through music.

Throughout 2022, Brixton Chamber Orchestra will use Pirate's London recording studios to collaborate with Grime artists: recording instrumentals, mixing, mastering and releasing 10-12 tracks of original music.

Lord Scorpio

Lord Scorpio aims to amplify the shades, tones and rhythms of New York’s eccentric Queer scene by recording a collaborative EP and accompanying podcast.

Lord Scorpio's EP promises to serve as a sound capsule of Queer expression during the pandemic era. It will put a musical A-side alongside a B-side of podcast-like conversations.

The music itself will aim to be all-encompassing - from Trance Pop to Afro, Soul and Punk.

Lord Scorpio's collaboration will make use of Pirate's NYC rehearsal studios for writing and the recording studios for recording and laying down beats. Featured artists will also record their accompanying audio diary series in Pirate's NYC podcast studios.


MARGO is a rare new talent committed to raising the profiles of women playing House music in Hamburg by broadcasting their DJ sets.

MARGO is a photo, video and social media editor who's honing her craft as a DJ. As well as forging her own career, MARGO is passionate about raising the profiles of women playing House music across Hamburg.

This project centres around building a community of DJs and broadcasting their creativity.

MARGO will make use of Pirate's Hamburg DJ studios to live stream solo mixes and unexpected B2Bs from across the House and Techno scene.


Pirate will be documenting the progress of MARGO, Lord Scorpio and Brixton Chamber Orchestra via Here, you can also access free music industry tips, tricks and advice and up-to-date music industry news.

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