Recording Studio Types *




1-2 People

Audio Interface

Arturia Minifuse1


Beyerdynamic DT770


SE Electronics SE2300

Monitor Speakers

2x Yamaha HS8

Midi Keyboard

Arturia Minilab MkII




You and your crew

Audio Interface

Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB


2x Pioneer XPRS 10


Audio Techinica AT2020 or SE Electronics SE2300

Monitor Speakers

Yamaha HS8 or KRK V6S4

Midi Keyboard

Novation Impulse 61
  • Lite
  • Pro

* Some studios may have different but equivalent equipment

This Space is Yours

Private Recording Studios

The creative process is different for every artist, yet the need for a quiet, productive space to work and learn is universal. 

Stop by for a quick hour during your lunch break or dedicate a full day, lock in for a solo session or invite the crew, the space is yours to experiment, make mistakes, and find your sound — at full volume. 

Home to artists of all disciplines and genres, check out our recording studios in action; get inspired for your next studio session, or your first.

What You Get

Why Make Pirate Your London Studio

All Genres, All Levels

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Your Recording Room for the Month

Long Term Lets Now Available At Select Studios in London

Recording Pro Studio - Production - New York, USA

Don’t interrupt your flow. Reserve a long-term let at Select Pro Recording Studios in North London. Monthly recording studio rental is available from £700 per month in Tottenham and Camden.

Bring your laptop and any additional equipment, and rest easy leaving your gear in the room between sessions—access is restricted to you and your guests only. Our studios comfortably accommodate up to five people, making collaboration seamless.

Minimum term: 1 month.

Email to reserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price for a recording studio in London?

At Pirate, our aim is to provide affordable rates, ensuring accessibility for musicians at all levels to high-quality music studios.

Our rates for recording studio spaces in London start at £10.50 per hour for Lite, £12.60 per hour for Standard, £15.20 per hour for Pro and £20 per hour for Pro+. Discounts are available for longer bookings.

How to choose the best music studio?

Pirate offers four types of recording studios in London, catering to different needs and preferences.

The Lite recording studio is perfect for budget-conscious beginner producers working solo or collaborating with one other artist.

For those focused on music production and songwriting without vocal recording, the Standard studio provides advanced equipment and a comfortable space for one or two artists.

If your focus is on recording vocals and collaborations, especially in rap and beat creation, the Pro studio is tailored for you, accommodating up to three artists comfortably and featuring a curtained vocal booth. 

For extended sessions and advanced artists, the Pro+ studio is the ideal choice, offering all the features of the Pro Studio along with upgraded monitors and a 34" ultra-wide screen for enhanced production capabilities.

How many recording studios does Pirate have in London?

Pirate operates over 90 recording studios across 9 London areas: Wembley, Greenwich, Earlsfield, Croydon, Camden, Notting Hill, Tottenham, Dalston, and Hackney Wick.

Do you have a sound engineer or mastering engineer available?

Pirate does not provide on-site sound engineers or mastering services with our 24-hour self-service recording studios. However, you are welcome to bring your own engineer. For basic mastering, follow our step-by-step guide on how to master a song.

Can a beginner music producer use the studios?

Our studios are designed for plug-and-play simplicity. Anyone with a laptop can use our recording studios to start exploring music production.

How to start as a music producer?

Prepare for your first session using our guide on how to produce music. Private music production lessons are also available in London or online.

What studio is best for mixing?

Our Standard recording studio is a cost-effective option for producers seeking a mixing studio in London, equipped with professional-grade equipment. Check our guide on how to mix music for help getting started.

What studio is best for recording vocals?

For voice recording in London, our Pro recording studio is ideal, equipped with dedicated vocal booths to capture clean vocals.

What studio is best for recording a demo?

Choosing between Lite, Standard, Pro and Pro+ studios depends on your team size and vocal recording needs.
Pro and Pro+ studios, with dedicated vocal booths, are suitable for recording lyrics, while Standard studios work well for demos without vocals. Lite, with less advanced equipment and space, is better for solo and beginner demo creation.

What studio is best for voice over?

For voice-overs, choose our Pro recording studios with vocal booths. Alternatively, consider our podcast studios in London.


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    Open Sessions + Beginner DJ Workshop, Dalston


    Pirate + Youssef Boutayeb

    Every last Wednesday of each month, we open the doors to our DJ studios and DJs of all levels and all genres are welcome to come and play B2B. When you arrive, sign up for your 15 min set and show us your best blends.

    The Beginner DJ workshops are back! If you're just starting out on the decks and would like a crash course on how to mix, register your free spot on our workshop now. The Beginner DJ Workshop is hosted by Youssef Boutayeb, a seasoned DJ and Music Technology educator, bringing over 20 years of experience to the table. 


    Pirate Dalston, London


    6-9 pm BST



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