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Pirate Studios Ireland safety measures

Updated 11:00, 02/07/2020

Pirate Studios Dublin opening hours: 24 hour

We’re running a tight ship on safety measures to ensure the studios remain clean and safe with minimal risk to our customers and staff. 

It’s vital that we all play our part in keeping COVID-19 at bay. To help achieve this, we’ve outlined some additional safety measures below. Please adhere to the following diligently, or you may be asked to leave:

  1. There will be a firm focus on ensuring ‘hot’ surfaces such as equipment (including mic grilles), door handles, entry keypads, toilets and amenities are all thoroughly cleaned throughout the day
  2. Wear a facemask if you can
  3. Max capacity per studio booking:

    Classic Rehearsal: 3 customers
    Premium Rehearsal: 4 customers
    Pirate Rehearsal: 5 customers
    Premium DJ: 1 customer
    Pro DJ: 2 customers
    Production: 2 customers

  4. Before and after each session, please ensure you sanitise and clean all equipment using the provided spray and paper towels
  5. Sanitation spray, paper towels and gloves will be provided on-site. Theft of these provisions will result in a fine
  6. Spray sanitiser onto the paper towel only - before and after your session - and wipe down any equipment or surfaces you come into contact with
  7. Stay at home if you feel unwell
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