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Matt Boyes - Bass & Guitar Teacher | PIRATE.COM

Passionate and experienced Musician specialising in Guitar and Bass with a degree in Professional Musicianship and over a Decade of experience working with Big label Bands, Artists and producers on stage, in studios and as a Guitar and Bass Teacher. A skilled Bassist, Guitarist and Backing Vocalist, adept at writing and arranging music. Mentored by industry professionals, including session musicians for artists such as The Sugar Babes, Rag'n'Bone Man, Robbie Williams, Take That, Charlie XCX and more. Experienced in playing in a wide variety of genres and Studio based or Independent recording processes. Bringing forth a self motivated attitude and a lifelong love and commitment to music with a desire to teach, coach and Mentor Musicians of the future.


TEACHING: Online & In-person

PREFERRED LOCATIONS: Pirate Brighton & Hove, Pirate London (Camden, Croydon, Dalston, Earlsfield, Greenwich, Hackney, Notting Hill, Tottenham, Wembley)

LEVELS: All Levels

TEACHING SINCE: +5 years experience



Over the years I have found after trying many different approaches to teaching that the more
fun we can make the lessons by moulding them into an inspiring, entertaining and exciting
experience the more you will end up getting out of them. That's why in my lessons, it’s all
about approaching this incredible instrument that can be challenging (and massively
rewarding) from an angle that you’ll love. Be it a goal or vision of where you want to be,who
you want to sound like or just starting a new journey, together we will structure lessons to get
you there! We will do so in the following ways:

-We can focus on any kind of guitar be it electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar or
Bass guitar.
- We will learn how to play the riffs, solos and chords from your favourite songs and artists.
Including songs you may not know yet but could really accelerate your playing.
- I will teach you how to improvise over almost any genre of music and create simple melodic
guitar solos that leave you feeling like a pro.
- There will be a big emphasis on improving technique, refining your fingerwork and
developing consistent and strong rhythm and timing.
- Very importantly we will plan how to manage your practice schedule effectively so that you
constantly progress in an achievable and realistic way.
- We will look at the defining characteristics of different musical genres and how the guitar is
used in those styles - from pop and rock to funk, soul, reggae and Metal.
- I can teach you music theory in a really effective and useful way and how to apply it to your
playing making it one of your most useful tools!
- If you’re in a band I can help you develop parts, ideas and can give advice!
- If it interests you, I can show you how to read and write musical score from the ground up
in manageable chunks.
- If you want to work on grades with exam boards such as Trinity Rock & Pop, or
Rockschool, we can work through the syllabus together and ensure you are fully prepared
for your exams.
- Most importantly we will work on what you want to do and need most, there are so many
great things about guitar and wont dont have to delve into them all at once! Together we can
take bits from each of the areas of instrument and blend them into lessons that excite you
and make you want to pick up the guitar time and time again.



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