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Best for 4-Piece Groups

Amps (Bass & Guitar)

1 x Bass Amp Combo - Ashdown or Fender / 1 x Guitar Amp Combo Marshall or Fender


5 Piece Drum Kit - Pearl or Natal * Cymbals not included


12 Channel Mixer with FX


2 x Pioneer XPRS 10


Vocal Microphones + Stands




Best for 5-Piece Groups

Amps (Bass & Guitar)

1 x Bass Head and Cab - Ashdown or Fender / 1 x Guitar Heads and Cabs Orange and Marshall


5 Piece Drum Kit - Pearl or Natal * Cymbals not included


12 Channel Mixer with FX


2 x Pioneer XPRS 10


Vocal Microphones + Stands
  • Standard
  • Standard+

* Some studios may have different but equivalent equipment

This Space is Yours

Find Your Sound at Full Volume

The creative process is different for every artist, yet the need for a dedicated space to make and play music is universal. Whether you're looking to learn an instrument, write new tracks, practice for a show, or just jam, the space is yours to do it at full volume.

Home to artists of all disciplines and genres, check out our rehearsal studios in action; get inspired for your next studio session, or your first.

What You Get

Why Make Pirate Your LA Music Studio

Your Band Practice Space

Open Late to Fit All of Your Schedules

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Get the band together more often at a rehearsal space near you, open late so you can fit in a jam session, even when bandmate schedules get tricky. Get stage-ready and become part of a community of over a thousand new and established bands, emerging from music practice rooms in Los Angeles and making waves on the local gig circuit.

Plus, enjoy the convenience of using the same setup at a music studio near you, wherever you go — book the same rehearsal spaces in West Adams in South Central, Silver Lake in the Eastside, even New York, London, Berlin, Dublin, and more cities in-between.

Your Drum Studio

Play It Louder Without Any Complaints

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Don't have a drum kit but want to learn to play? Or, have a kit, but concerned about your neighbors? Find a quiet place to play the drums near you, with no risk of complaints; sit behind a 5-piece kit from Pearl or Natal in all of our music practice rooms in LA.

Whether you're teaching a student, getting the band back together, or just letting loose, our practice rooms in Los Angeles are ready and open late — join a vibrant community of ska, jazz, and rock drummers at every stage of their careers, playing their hearts out in Silver Lake and West Adams.

Your Guitar Studio

Learn the Basics Online or Book a Teacher

Artists playing guitar and singing @ Pirate Studios

Discover music practice rooms for bass, electric, or acoustic guitarists, with different sizes and setups available to suit your needs — even if they change day-to-day. Choose a smaller, cost-effective guitar studio for when you’re practicing on your own, or book a bigger band practice space when you’re meeting with collaborators.

Starting out or looking to level up? Book guitar lessons at our rehearsal spaces near you; visit the lessons section on our website to view the local guitar teachers working out of our practice rooms in Los Angeles, available in West Adams, Silver Lake and online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price for a rehearsal studio in Los Angeles? 

Our commitment is to provide budget-friendly options for rehearsal space in Los Angeles, ensuring musicians of all levels can access high-quality studios. For this reason, we offer discounted rates at off-peak times and smaller, extra affordable practice rooms for solo artists and duos. 

The price of a rehearsal studio in Los Angeles starts at $13.50 per hour:

  • Standard: $13.50 per hour (off-peak), $20.00 per hour (peak)
  • Standard+: $15.50 per hour (off-peak), $22.00 per hour (peak)
  • Pro: $20.50 per hour (off-peak), $28.00 per hour (peak)

How many rehearsal studios does Pirate have in Los Angeles? 

Pirate operates a total of 9 private rehearsal studios in Los Angeles, with 3 band rehearsal spaces in West Adams and 6 in Silver Lake.

What is the difference between Standard, Standard+ and Pro rehearsal studios?

When choosing between our rehearsal studios in Los Angeles, consider their room size and equipment. Standard studios are suitable for small groups of around 4 members, Standard+ offers more space for 4-5-piece bands, and Pro is ideal for 5-6-piece bands.

Which is the best practice studio for drummers?

Our most affordable option for drummers in LA is the Standard Studio, starting from just $13.50 an hour. We also have larger studios for drummers playing with a band. All our LA rehearsal rooms include a 5-piece drum kit from Pearl or Natal.

Which is the best rehearsal studio for bands?

For bands seeking an on-stage feel, our Pro rehearsal studios are recommended. However, those on a budget may prefer our Standard+ or Standard rehearsal studios, which offer professional equipment in a smaller space at a lower price.

Can you rent a music rehearsal room for a week or a month?

Our LA rehearsal studios are bookable by the hour, with discounts on longer sessions. However, we don't offer long-term studio rental; we operate on a pay-as-you-go basis only.

Which is the best studio for rappers?

For rappers in LA, our Pro recording studios are the top choice for vocal recording and beat production. For touring hip-hop artists practicing for gigs in LA, our rehearsal studios offer a full backline and an on-stage feel.


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For Everyone

ADA-Compliant DJ Booths

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Studio 24 at West Adams and Studio 28 at Silver Lake have been specifically designed for accessible use. Book now and enjoy first-class DJ practice equipment with additional features, including:

  • Wide access to the DJ desk
  • 15-degree angled equipment
  • Flat surfaces on either side
  • Knee clearance for comfortable chair positioning
  • Power sockets at front of desk

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