From discounted staff bookings to in-studio advertising, Pirate offers our corporate and education members a whole bunch of exclusive perks, studio discounts and advertising opportunities. 


    Grow your revenue by outsourcing your music studio requirements to

    Building, managing and maintaining a professional music studio is an expensive investment, and one that can take up a lot of valuable space in your buildings, especially when the occupancy may be as low as 30%.  

    By outsourcing your studio needs to Pirate, your employees, students and customers gain a better teaching and learning experience while freeing up valuable on-premise space to focus on core business activities. Thus helping you grow revenue, reduce set-up costs and gain access to a global network of practice studios.

    Benefit: Discounted block bookings on studios. 

    Give your staff or students access to our 24/7 recording, rehearsal, DJ, podcast and dance studios by purchasing discounted studio credit to use whenever suits you, or by block-booking 8-hour studio slots, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. 

    Providing staff or students access to our studios can: 

    • Improve wellbeing 
    • Boost employee perks and packages 
    • Support students as they practise their craft 

    Benefit: In-studio advertising to our 40k monthly artists. 

    With over 200k artists visiting a Pirate studio each month, advertising your brand in our locations gives you direct access to a hyper-relevant, highly engaged audience. From studio takeovers to poster campaigns, we can tailor a package to suit your objectives. offers a unique opportunity to provide both online and physical studio sponsorship, meaning you access our growing network of 310k+ artists at the point where they are at their most creative. 

    Benefit: Host workshops to build relationships with our community. 

    From Ditto Music to PRS and Point Blank Music School, many brands have partnered with Pirate to host exclusive online workshops for our community of artists. Got a new product to showcase? Want to offer a taster of a music course you’re running? An online workshop can be a great way to connect with our audience.

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